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   - The display and backlight applications are being imported, and Mini leds are ready to go
The display and backlight applications are being imported, and Mini leds are ready to go
Source: Money DJ time: 2017-09-25 10:21 [editor: JamesWen]
The new generation display technology Micro LED has attracted a lot of attention, however, before Micro LED officially enters the commercial production stage, the Mini LED with lower technical barriers will be running ahead of time. It is understood that the current panel manufacturers have to cooperate with LED chip factory, early may start from the screen and two application import TV panels back light, display, introduced the super small spacing and super power-saving, ultra-thin type under the direct of the Mini LED backlight panel TV.
Industry has revealed, if TV panels for the Mini LED backlighting, straight down type design, can be made into regional dimmer (Local Dimming), will be better than general edge-lit back light have pervious to light uniformity and high Contrast (Contrast thewire) and further details on the light and shade. Compared with the OLED panel, the LCD panel with the Mini LED backlight design has a better color, but the thickness can be the same as oleds.
At present, the development of the Mini LED backlighting technology is the leading edge in Taiwan, and it is expected that there will be a Mini LED backlighting technology in the next year. Although Mini LED is seen as a medium-term strategy for Micro LED new generation display technology, the development of Mini LED technology is expected to bring new business opportunities to relevant supply chain manufacturers.
With mature RGB LED and LED chip CSP production capacity of LED chip plants such as crystal electricity and ronda, Mini LED for both panel display backlight or super small spacing, is worth looking forward to the new market.
In TV panels, edge-lit now only need 10 high brightness LED backlight design, mobile phone backlight need only 25 more leds, but into a Mini LED backlight LED TV panel number can pull up to tens of thousands of stars, 5 inch mobile phone panel LED backlight required quantity is 9000 to 9000.
As for display applications, the current crystal electricity applied to RGB LED display each month shipments of 300 KK sets, the monthly number of RGB LED used in displays as many as 1 ~ 20000 KK sets, in other words, as a potential market, the Mini LED in screen also has a lot of space.
For technology has entered the mature TFT LCD panel factory, especially Taiwan panel factory, since the AMOLED display technology development is relatively backward, but using the existing TFT LCD technology basis, combining with the same mature RGB LED technology, to produce a new generation of backlight panel design, then its power saving effect can rival AMOLED, quality, thickness, and yan can transcend AMOLED color and cost advantages, at the same time can easily import has, according to the production of special-shaped cutting and surface, therefore, no matter how is the opportunity.


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